Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Recyclable Paper Cups?

Almost all paper cups are recyclable, the only thing is they end up in general waste instead of the correct waste stream and go to landfill. With Return-A-Cup we are ensuring that the planet is better looked after by ensuring our cups enter the correct waste recyclable stream.

What Should I do with the used Cups?
Firstly, ensure that all cups have the Return-A-Cup stamp as only stamped cups are approved as being recyclable. Secondly, remove all liquid from collected cups and place the used cups back into the case you received the cups in and ring the number on the case to organise collection.
Who Recycles the paper cups?
Return-A-Cups are collected and sent to approved and audited paper mills that are able to break down the cups. Once the cups are pulped they are re-formed into paper for books or other packaging materials, which in turn are recycled themselves and hence the closed loop recycling system.
Where do I get the Return A Cups?

To get your case of Return-A-Cups please go to the ‘contact us‘ page to either send us an email or give us a phone call. Once your order is placed we will gladly dispatch your order of recyclable cups.

How do I know that this is a recyclable cup and not a compostable cup.
All recyclable cups we provide are marked with the Return-A-Cup stamp, this stamp means that the cups are approved as recyclable by the paper mills. Please don’t return compostable cups as they cannot be recycled.
Where do the cups go?

The cups will have to be collected in a cup recycling bin (which we can provide if needed). The lids are taken off the cups and any remaining liquid poured out into the liquid drain in the recycling bin. The cup is then placed in to the cup collection units with out the lids.

Do the cups have to be clean?
The cups do not have to be clean but they must not contain liquid larger than a few droplets. There must also not be any rubbish inside the cups when they are placed into the bin and subsequently placed into the return-a-cup case.
Are the Cups Food Contact Safe?
Yes, all our cups are food contact safe approved. The make up of the cup remains the same as traditional cups with the Return-A-Cup stamp being the only difference.
Why can't I recycle normal paper cups are as well?
Some traditional paper cups are made with material that cannot be recycled, hence the reason for the return-a-cup stamp which shows which cups can are recyclable in approved paper mills. This is to ensure that all cups going to the mills are recyclable as non recyclable cups end up in landfill.


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